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When opening lab list, the game freezes or crashes.

I found following bug in v3.2.X.

  • First, open lab or character amulet selection screen (they use same common list UI) etc...
  • Change your language setting.
  • After that, you will encounter Freeze or Crash on opening these screens.

I will fix this problem in v3.3.0

If you encounter this problem, please try following steps:

  1. Launch Buriedbornes with Google Play Games or Game Center enabled.
  2. Start game.
  3. Open town menu and press "Save".
  4. After that, keep your ID/Password stored. (Found in configure screen)
  5. Reinstall Buriedbornes.
    • If you use Android, you can choose an option to delete caches and data in OS setting -> apps -> Buriedbornes.
  6. Launch Buriedbornes again.
  7. Open title menu -> "Restore my game user" -> "Google Play Games" or "Game Center"
  8. Select your ID.
  9. Download it.
  10. Start game.
  11. Try opening lab possession list.

If the problem still persists after these steps, please send bug-report from the town menu and contact us directly.

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